In the wake of the sudden, sharp rise of the popularity of UK drill rap, and 67 to be specific, there was one person who didn’t initially receive the credit he deserved and was instrumental in the rise of the newfound sub-genre. That man is Carns Hill. He has a very distinct production style and the majority of his instrumentals will feature either a man talking about ‘SRB separation confirmed’ or another man discussing about ‘making so much money it will upset your parents’. Very interesting signatures for his beats but some reason it works. This new track sees him bring together Youngs Teflon, Liquez, Dimzy, Monkey, K Trap, R6, Itch and ST, who go back to back over a very bassy instrumental, with a frantic piano loop; making for a banger of a song. This song seems to be leading to a new album called ‘SRB Separation’ which should be released soon.

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