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Ta-da to Tinder – Love Lockdown is London’s new way to date

It seems fitting that for my first article for Guap I write about something I know a lot about; dating. This Is not because I am out every night of the week being wined and dined, this is because I am one half of this generations Cilla Black.

Love Lockdown was born by two young girls who were sick of their friends whining about how rubbish tinder is and how impersonal swiping left can be.

We know speed dating isn’t a new idea however we vow to be different. Last month was our third event and we enlisting the help of young East London florist AND FLOWERS (find her work here).

So far, all three events have sold out, the female tickets go pretty instantly however the men take a little more persuading. Now, I’m not sure I will ever fully understand how men’s minds work when it comes to dating however, maybe as men are used to making the first move, 15 women being handed to them on a plate is a little daunting. No chase. No hey big head. No weeks of aired messages and then feeling of elation when you get the blue ticks. Weird.


How it works: 

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After registration, we bring in the girls to the dating room and sit them down separately, then we bring in the sheepish men and tell everyone how it is going to work (that you’ve have got three minutes to sell yourself.

Granted, three minutes to meet the love of your life isn’t actually that long but it actually can be long. The dating tends to last for around 2 hours with a couple of breaks. We throw in some truth or dares along the way, questions to ask your date such as: Do you fancy me? Are you here to find love or something more short term?

After you’ve finished all your dates, we hand out some paper where you write the names of people you wish to match with. We then aim to send out all successful matches out within 24 hours. Granted some people don’t receive any matches however this is all the more reason to come back again.

We know all this can sound a little daunting however it’s great fun. Don’t take our word for it however this is what one of our first-time daters had to say:


“When I think of speed dating, I usually think of awkward moments and, but it was actually a vibe, two two dates later – and I’m hoping I won’t be back for a while.

Find our pictures and updates form past and future events here

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