[@CASISDEAD] recaptures the 80s with ‘Pat Earrings’

The enigma that is CASisDEAD has dropped the visuals for his latest hit, Pat Earrings.

Eastenders fans will recognise the song artwork, as it displays none other than Pat Butcher’s featureless face.

This song and video just screams nostalgia. The 80s vibe to it, the scratchy format of the video, and the slow beat just propels you back into the 1980s.

Big brick Nokia and man playing Snake

But, aside from the great work that is done in the video, this song shows CASisDEAD’s advanced lyrical ability and imagery.

With the hook being provided by Aruba Jasmine, he takes us through an escapade he went through with a prostitute, and has the storytelling on lock as usual.

Look out for Yinka Bokinni in the video too!