Could there be a UK version of [@EverydayStrugg]?

Complex’s Everyday Struggle has swept YouTube and social media, but who’s to say there couldn’t be a British version?

Everyday Struggle has become one of the most popular music shows since it started in April 2017. There was a big question concerning how cohesive the duo of Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks, two music heads from two very different eras, would be, but it has ultimately turned out to be a huge success.

But why can’t there be a UK version? Not necessarily following the exact same model, but a UK music debate show, talking about issues within UK music.  There are certainly many hot topics within the urban music scene, but there’s currently no avenue or platform to discuss them on. It would certainly help to accelerate the rapid growth of the UK music scene globally, and would also be good in providing exposure for upcoming artists.

Now, it would seem that from the outside looking in, the UK music scene doesn’t possess the sass and drama that the US music scene has, but that doesn’t mean that there still isn’t a gap that can be filled here, within the UK.

Popular choices for a UK debate type music show could be people like Poet and Chuckie.

This could be extremely beneficial for UK music and culture, and allow it to continue to grow from strength to strength. Hopefully, if it does happen, Migos won’t be pointing out these hosts as haters!