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[@Abiolaxox] Brands On the Block Episode 1 – [@SimplicityUKClo]

Here at GUAP, we are always trying to find new ways to celebrate and acknowledge all sorts of talents and creativity.

So the fashion team has created a whole new segment call ‘BRANDS ON THE BLOCK’, dedicated to showcasing upcoming, established and different designers or brands.

It’s not everyday t-shirt brands!

So to start off this segment, I had the privilege to have a sit-down talk with the amazing ‘Joshua Igbedion’ the brains and the designer behind the brand Simplicity Unlimited.

To give you a better understanding of the processes I asked Joshua a couple of questions which will give you a deeper insight into the process of creating ‘Simplicity Unlimited’


1. How would you describe your brand?

Joshua: It simply represents ‘simplicity’, everyday clothing. Very simple yet very effective!

2. What is the inspiration behind your brand?

Joshua: Starting a blog years ago, I was able to know what people like and build an audience out of it. Seeing other clothing lines and basically seeing how simple it is I decided to create my own.

I knew what people liked and I knew my clothing brand will be different.

3. What advice would you give people who want to start their own line?

Joshua: When starting a clothing line you need to ask yourself a major question. Would I wear or even use my money to buy this? This is a very important question, because why would you sell something that you will not wear yourself or use your coins to buy.

  • Have a specific target market at the beginning, so you can attract the right people. However, as you expand and gain more ground, you can expand the target audience by creating more!
  • Don’t be a basic t-shirt brand, that creates a logo and slaps it on a couple of t-shirts and calls it a day. Create something different, something unique but still simple!
  • Consistency is key! Always stay active so you don’t lose the audience you’ve already established.
  • Make social media your best friend. Everyone uses Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat make sure you utilise all of these platforms.

4. What should we expect next from Simplicity Unlimited?

Joshua: Expect bigger and better thing in 2018. Demin jacket, biker jackets, a whole line just specifically for women and most importantly 2018 summer collection!

5. How do we find you?


Joshua’s Twitter:


Website :

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Peace and Love

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