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[@Edward_Enninful] is really changing the face of [@BritishVogue]

With Edward Enninful taking over the position as the new editor-in-chef of British Vogue we have been privileged to see more colour and diversity on the cover of the magazine.

First starting with the beautiful Adwoa Aboah going to Gugu Mbatha-Raw who was the main face of the April edition; to now a rendition of the most beautiful women in the modeling industry Enninful is really changing the game!

This cover is special because it features the stunning Halima who is the first to feature in the magazine wearing a religious headscarf. This is major because it shows that Enninful is changing British vogue to embrace all types of differences, such as size, race, skin colour, features and most importantly religion.

We are so here for this!

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"Like so many industries in recent months, fashion has found itself at an important crossroads. At the world’s great design houses, at photographic studios, at fashion weeks and in the offices of magazines such as mine at #BritishVogue, crucial questions have been asked about working practices, safety and respect. Stock has been taken and safeguards to the way we operate have been made…" editor-in-chief @Edward_Enninful writes in his editor's letter for May Vogue. "Yet as a new mood begins to take hold – one that will only enrich and enliven creativity in fashion – I also believe that the time has come for us to look forward. In short, it is a moment for Vogue to do what it has always done best: to offer a bold vision of what the future can – and should – look like." For the May issue, nine models each changing the face of the fashion industry in their own way are photographed by @CraigMcDeanStudio with styling by Enninful for the cover story. From L to R: @vittoceretti, @Halima, @adutakech, @LaFaretta, @Palomija, @Pazhatu, @mulan_bae, @fransummers and @selenaforrest. Story by @ellie_pithers, make-up by @diane.kendal, hair by @orlandopita and nails by @megumiyamamotonyc. On newsstands April 6. Read Enninful's letter in full, plus how to subscribe to #NewVogue all at the link in bio

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