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[@evianwater] Saving the world, one glass at a time…

At New York fashion week Evian announced that they will be releasing a limited edition version of their SOMA glass water bottle. The bottle is a collaboration between Evian and their creative advisor Virgil Abloh. With his signature quotation marks around the quote “RAINBOW INSIDE”; the bottle is sleek. Modern design topped off with a bamboo lid.

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It’s a nice idea that has been executed well and is all for a good cause. However, upon announcing the bottle, Evian said that it would be limited edition. This is what I think is a mistake, and making this launch seem more like a publicity stunt, rather than actually trying to make a change.


Having a Virgil designed water bottle is no doubt something which will draw in customers and bring sales. But as this is a limited edition release, once these bottles are gone there is going to be people disappointed and left empty-handed. Which will, in turn, have a negative affect on their selling point of promoting the reusing of water bottles. Standard SOMA bottles are already available for $30, and they are mass produced and widely available. But as there is no designer aspect attached to them, there isn’t a massive audience attraction. Making this release mass produced instead of a limited release would surely be better for sales and better for actually making an impact with the push for people to re-use bottles.