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New Blondey McCoy [@BlondeyMccoy] drop incoming

London based skater, model and fashion designer Blondey McCoy is set to release the second drop under his label Blondey. This will be following the first drop, earlier in October.

This drop will include 6 different variations of graphic tees and hoodies. It is not the biggest drop to happen, but with some clean graphics, and the continuation of his ‘Us and Chem‘ collection, it’s a good one.

Blondey is his namesake line, coming after Thames London. Thames seems to be his more playful brand, in which bright colours and bold patterns are used on their garments. Thames has most notably collaborated with big English brands, such as Fred Perry and Palace Skateboards.

Will Blondey outlive Thames, or will the strong ties to Palace Skateboards and already built collaboration clients make the Thames the spearhead of Blondey’s work? Only time will tell on this one, as items from both of his brands mostly sell out.

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The mini drop will launches on the 26th November on Blondey.