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Ryan Hawaii [@RYAN_HAWAII] ‘Cash For Ideas’ now stocked at Selfridges

London based designer Ryan Hawaii has kickstarted his stockist list with a department store giant. Selfridges London has now got in his ‘Cash For Ideas’ line for sale in the menswear room in store and also online.

Cash For Ideas

The online selection seems very limited compared to what’s on offer in store, including only five tees and one hoodie. However, from the photos uploaded to his Instagram, the selection in store is much larger and the collection is exclusive to Selfridges. All the pieces are in the traditional Ryan Hawaii style, boasting colourful hand-painted designs. Due to the garments being hand painted, each item is 1/1, which adds to the appeal.

In a photo uploaded to his instagram, Ryan said:

“Proud moment. The “Cash For Ideas” Collection is now stocked in the new menswear room & online at @theofficialselfridges

As well as the customised garments, the collection hosts a few variations of printed clothing.  So there are options to wear pieces that aren’t as loud as his usual style.


Ryan has had a checkered past with Selfridges. After being kicked out of their store early last year, for holding an unauthorised, impromptu flash sale. Only lasting 15 minutes before being removed by security. Then 12 weeks later, he was back at Selfridges, this time being part of a seminar, next to Virgil Abloh. Finally having his new collection being sold exclusively in Selfridges, showing that dedication and hard work really does pay off and can make things come full circle. Hopefully, this is the start of Ryan Hawaii clothing becoming more widely available, and the production of larger collections.

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Selfridges is really upping their retail experience lately, with the recognition of smaller artists, and bringing things that you would not expect to see in a luxe department store, such as their recently installed wooden skate bowl.