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The Palm Angels advertising that backfired

Palm Angels is set to release their first sneaker on the 9th February, but they have given people the chance of getting early access to this sneaker in a very interesting way. In between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, there are two Palm Angels billboards. The exact location has not been released by them, however they did post a screenshot of Google maps on their Instagram story, zoomed in on the location of the billboards. On the boards there are QR codes, which when scanned takes you to a part of the Palm Angels website that is only accessible via this code.

The idea behind this advertising stunt is nice, it gives a good talking point and has made fashion news sites, however there has been one major flaw that has been exploited. As soon as there is one picture of the QR code out there, this can be shared about by everyone, and you can scan this code through a screen. This trick gives you early access to the sneakers without having to visit the billboards at all. This ruins the idea of the exclusivity that is being claimed for people passing the billboards and scanning the code.

For anyone interested in getting their hands on the sneakers early, scan the code from the billboard image below and it will take you right to the private, early access page. Even though the chunky sneaker trend is at an all time high, the $590 price tag gives these sneakers a big pass from me.

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