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[@zawedde_ ] #GUAPXmas: How To Dress For A Christmas Party

So the Christmas period is officially here (some of you guys are fast and have been getting ready for Christmas since October) but I thought what better way than to bless you all with festive fun posts #GUAPXmas. 

Commencing the first Christmas series with How To Dress For A Christmas Party!

Christmas parties tend to occur very early in December, so planning starts now. With an even bigger excuse to come as embellished, tasselled and glittered out as humanly possible. I’ve got you covered with the Christmas party ideas:


Making a statement is key to a Christmas party. If you happen to come across a bright coloured item of clothing that you may not usually wear, you’re on the right path. Be bold baby, it’s christmas!


I can guarantee you that you’ll find more than 3 people at your Christmas party wearing glitter.  Glitter boots. Glitter dresses. Glitter lips. Style it your way just make it glitzy!


Tassels are being seen literally everywhere. From the catwalk to the runway and they are about to be seen at every Christmas party! Introducing a daring tassel dress.


Perhaps be daring and introduce sultry vibes to your Christmas party. Remember, anything really goes at festive parties. As long as you bringing festive looks!

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I hope you stay Christmas ready, with a few of these ideas. Keep posted for more Christmas inspired posts across the course of the month #GUAPXmas.



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