[@zawedde_ ] How To Pick A Winter Coat To Suit You #GUAPXmas

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Besides the winter season bringing the struggles of icy weather, there are also bigger problems!

Picking the right winter coat.

There is a lot to consider when investing in that perfect winter coat to brace you through the winter time, so here are 3 quick tips to help you;


If you’re trying to get a coat that is going to last you, investments are going to have to be made. Focus on the quality rather than particular trends. Reading labels for fabric compositions will really tell you if the quality is worth it. (p.s. avoid 100% Polyester coats, you will freeze).

#Stay Puffed

Many may decide to go for the trench coat option but the bigger the puff, the better the warmth! @ohheygirlstore have some oversized puffer jackets in store for you all!

Room For Layers

Always upsize on a winter coat. You need that good ole room for a hoodie or chunky roll neck. The beautiful @_flowerchildx shows us how.

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Don’t forget your fave winter coats this festive season!

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