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[@zawedde_ ] Style Ideas: 4 Looks You Can Wear At Work

For all my full-time office workers, coffee shop goers. This one is for you!

So I recently started a full-time role in a studio for New Look and although I have the luxury of being as stylish or dressed down as I want, one month in, I’m already feeling the struggle of planning my outfits everyday.

So this one is for those in similar positions and also for those working that full-time life in their career. Keep grinding!


It’s actually that time now. It’s getting colder, layering has begun. Investing in an everyday statement coat is key to giving you that clean work look. My favourite is the trench coat which can be coupled with a hoodie underneath. It gives a more laid back style and keeps you warmer!


It’s not an item of clothing BUT I find the days where I haven’t planned my work outfit in advance are the days I’m wearing a statement lip colour. I’m not too much of a lipstick fan but trust me when I say a red lippy distracts the attention away from a very dead outfit! (p.s Fenty Beauty soon help you with that)


Shirts can get tedious, trust me I know. But it’s about how you wear it, people! I’ve found that having that statement long white shirt can save you a lot of time. It can either be tucked in, tied in a knot front or worn with a waist belt for a more sophisticated look.


What has now become my favourite item of clothing. I honestly feel like there isn’t a better feeling than wearing a pair of trousers that make you feel comfortable and look the part too. Wide leg are currently my favourite fit and can be paired with a simple tee depending on what finish you’re trying to go for. Here’s a quick visual for you to see;


Building staple pieces for work not only saves you cash but saves you time. It also lets you separate your weekend clothes efficiently too.