[@mattblvckmusic] shines again, in ‘Blow’

Matt Blvck’s new single, Blow, is the latest addition to his already impressive portfolio of music.

What sets this song apart is purely how catchy it is; the smooth beat and quotable lyrics make for this song to be a potential summer anthem. It’s a song that will you get you off your feet, and will help you gain insight into why Matt Blvck has been tipped as a star for the future.

With the success of his last single, ‘Nia‘, which was added to four of Spotify’s most popular RnB playlists, and now with Blow, it’s safe to say that Matt Blvck is here to stay.

2017 saw the release of his first EP, ‘Cold Love Songs’, and towards the end of the year, he followed up with his second EP, ‘After Party’.

It’s rare for artists to have several hits under their belt this early into their career, which just goes to show how talented of an artist Blvck is. Watch this space!