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[@benezerbenezer] Creates a ‘Vibe’ in New EP

Bodies of work are meant to tell a story. In just 3 songs, Benezer manages to paint a vivid and telling one.

The South Londoner is back with a brand new EP, following up September’s release, feel. One thing that is evident through both EPs is that they both do exactly what they say on the tin; feel had a more emotive and heartfelt feel to it, whilst Vibe literally does what it’s meant to; creating a vibe that is sure to get you off your feet. The standout track, Delight, is the personification of this; the latter part of the song literally instructs the listener to loosen up, and just have fun.

With his two tapes being such stark contrast to each other, it is a testament to how talented and diverse the 21 year old is, especially considering how early into his career he is. Benezer aims to take the listener on a journey through his music, and he has captured this concept to a tee with this project, perhaps even stronger than his first tape. He constantly pushes the envelope, and tries to redefine the parameters of what London’s sound should consist of.

With production provided by London based Italian producer, EMPORIOVibe is full the brim of bouncy beats and catchy hooks, all of which should slot straight into any preliminary summer playlists you may have already created. It’s the embodiment of funk and groove, even down to the cover art, which displays Benezer with a side parting reminiscent of the 1970s.

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A very impressive body of work, displaying an artist entering his prime.