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[@benezerbenezer] shines in debut ‘Feel’ EP

Benezer’s debut EP, Feel, is an embodiment of the 21 year old’s creative and artistic mind.

Following up from his hit releases, Dinero and Loose Sauce,the 21 year old South Londoner brings together a short 4 song EP, which details his initial feelings of vulnerability and regret, and his eventual pathway into joy, through God.

The creative process for the EP was hugely organic; it was self-engineered, and each song was written in the artist’s bedroom, which helps the listener gain further familiarity and common ground with the music. In contrast to his two earlier releases, which were proclaimed ‘party’ tunes, feel contains a further exploration and delving into different sounds and cadences by Benezer, which makes for some real emotive music.

A unique feature of feel was that it was released side by side with a ‘memoir‘, in which Benezer details the step by step process of bringing the tape together; from beat selection, to the writing process, to the surroundings he found himself in whilst putting it together. It’s unique for an artist to employ such a transparent creative process to their music, but it was honestly so refreshing to read. The memoir was also very honest –

Upon completing this project, I again went to visit my close friend Kevin and we listened to the songs together and when listening to the song “feel” I began to weep. I did not cry with tears of sadness; they were tears of joy. I felt God enter my heart.

Feel literally feels like it’s more than a common EP. It’s a journey, from woe to joy, from grief to happiness, and Benezer details this passage expertly, in the 11 short minutes the EP lasts.

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Beyond being an artist, Benezer’s abilities stretch beyond music; he designed the cover for the EP, and released the EP through his own creative company, Stay Ultra, which has received acclaim on social media for their custom designed jackets.

Feel is truly just the beginning.