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[@CTSecond] is back with brand new album, Do You Drive

Toronto MC Clairmont the Second is finally back with a new album, his first since 2017.

The new album, Do You Drive, acts as a coming of age project of some sort, featuring an artist just entering their prime, and experimenting with new sounds. It seems so long ago since his debut project, Lil Mont from The Ave, dropped, but it is great to hear his musical repertoire expanding and strengthening.

Produced, mixed and mastered by the artist himself, the project has a real eerie and dark feel to it, and details the artist’s growth from his first project up till now. His unique flow and storytelling bars draw a distinctive line between him and his Torontonian peers; in a space that is heavier on melodies and lighter on lyrical content, at only 20 years old,  Clairmont The Second has successfully managed to incorporate both into his music.

Toronto’s conveyor belt of talent seems to be endless, and here we have one of its finest.

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The album’s single stands as Grip, which he released a video for earlier this year.