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[@lanceyfouxx] reminisces on ‘Dream’

Fresh off his hugely impressive tape, Pink II, Lancey Foux releases some new heat, with Dream.

After posting a short snippet of the track on his Twitter profile, it’s safe to say that this track was one that many people were waiting for and it did not disappoint.

Regularly quoted as one of the most diverse and original acts coming out of London right now, Lancey Foux has built himself a reputation of being an artist who isn’t scared to evolve and change their sound and Dream showcases this perfectly.

Dream’s smooth beat is complemented perfectly by Lancey’s melodic flow, and the song ebbs and flows for the first minute or so, until he totally switches it up. At about the 1:08 minute mark, the melodies switch to a gruff and guttural drawl, which catches you off guard completely; it’s almost reminiscent of Young Thug’s raspy vocals on his song, Harambe.
Even though this change in style only lasts about 5 seconds, it brings your full attention back to the song; the slow and melodic flow of the song almost brought it into a sweet lull, so perhaps it was good that it had a different element attached to it.

Those with a keen eye for detail will notice some cameos in the video, such as Skepta, model Leomie Anderson, and collaborator Lil Gnar. The earthy and dark composition of the visuals bare some similarities to the video for his recent hit with Skepta, Dyed 2wice; producers Joshua and Diako deserve some accolades ASAP.

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With ‘Pink II’ having its fair share of fans Lancey Foux has had a great year so far, and continuously elevating his A-game with each and every release. He has shown great progression from his earlier releases up until now, and his music is just going to keep getting better and better.