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Meet the newest star out of Toronto [@CTSecond]
There is something in the Toronto water.

Toronto has a habit of providing truly great artists. It has probably the most vibrant R&B scene in the world, because of its seemingly unending talent pool. Toronto has a bursting hip hop scene too; the household names of Drake spring to mind when discussing Toronto hip hop, but here we have someone who is looking to shake up both scenes.

Clairmont the Second is his name. His music has a mix of so many genres, that it is actually quite hard to define what his genre is. When listening to his recent album, Lil Mont from the Ave, it is clear that his music cannot simply be categorised as just ‘hip-hop’ or ‘R&B’. He’s only 20 years old, but his music library suggests he has a musical knowledge way beyond his years.

Despite the distinctive Toronto R&B sound that music fans have grown and become accustomed to, Clairmont the Second tries to deviate from that as much as possible. The versatility of his music, and the different vibes that he brings in each song have firmly set him up as one of the most promising acts to come out of Toronto right now.

Toronto produces great music, but Clairmont the Second  is most definitely within his own lane.

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