Noise In The Smoke

It takes a tragedy to get people to wake up
it takes a life to get people to speak up
it takes cowardly moves from those who do not walk in our shoes
for us to realise they are playing us for fools

It takes lifetimes for change
and to search for what remains
because the truth cannot be hidden
for now the lies are forbidden
because we know they are taking us for fools

It takes unity and love to up hold  the damaged
For the respect for our integrity has been famished
now they have to speak our language
they can no longer take us for fools

Only we can make the change that is needed
for our growth has been impeded
to maintain the wealth of the elitist
because an understatement would be mistreated

i’ll be damned if this is repeated
because even the media has been forced to exceed this
cover up , scandal, murderous act , an act that is depleted
because we have now seen the mistreatment
we can now all see it

we sit in silence and let the injustice thrive
and feed it nutrients to keep it alive
we ignore the signs and push it aside
but now we pay the price with these precious lives

the system is dark and clouded upon us
but we will fight to unravel the unjust
because their is no choice
this is the moment to use our voice




Kelliesha White

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