[@SkengdoxAm] put together a masterpiece with ‘2 Bunny’

410’s Skengdo and AM have released their debut mixtape, 2 Bunny.

2017 has been a great year for the duo that is Skengdo x AM, as their chemistry, unique metaphors and raw flows have put them at the top of the UK drill game.

This mixtape has further cemented their place at the peak of UK drill, as they provide us with more hood hits, and more lyrics we can shout on Snapchat, or quote in our tweets.

It contains 10 brand new songs, one of which, in Macaroni, has already got a video for it, which you can check out here.

Although duos are becoming a more common feature in UK drill, the lyrical ability of Skengdo x AM has set them apart from others, and is a reason why their following has grown in such strength in the past year.

The tunes do not contain the ‘generic’ drill sound,  and shows a real maturity in their abilities.

You can stream and download the mixtape on all digital platforms.




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