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Shahlaa Discovers [@ShahlaaTahira] X Guap Issue 13

Shahlaa Discovers [@ShahlaaTahira] X Guap Issue 13

You didn’t know about ALQAE

ALQAE, hmmm where do I start? Well I remember the day Jonno (1/3 of the group) came up to me at the Reprezent Radio HQ and said “Shahlaa, I’ve started rapping”. I met Jonno when he was just a Presenter playing other people’s music on the airwaves. So I’m not going to lie I wasn’t sure how serious he was. That was back in 2011, fast forward to 2017 and the collective ALQAE have just dropped their ‘The Surface’ Mixtape, which premiered on Complex magazine last week. The trio who have been friends since school have proven to not just me but the UK music scene that they are about this music life. The three members Jonno AQ, Jiggy Jim and Floss AQ originating my ends, South London have managed to showcase their diverse sound, bars and flows on this latest project. But have a listen for yourself and hear from the rising stars below…..


Describe your sound in 3 words?

Authentic, Unpredictable, Surface


Why is music so important to you?

We grew up listening to all types of music it’s just something that comes from the heart, were fans of music and we love creating it. Life is boring without a soundtrack to it.


When you think about your biggest dream, where does your mind take you?

The questions really broad theirs a lot that comes to mind but ultimately. ALQAE being the biggest brand in the world through music culture and also clothing, ALQREAM coming soon.


Hindsights a bitch, what do you wish you could of learn’t earlier?

Quality will always be valued more than ”work rate”


I like you man, where do I go to check out more?

Twitter: ALQAE_AQ

Soundcloud: ALQAE-MUSIC

Instagram: ALQAE_AQ


Spotlight Track:

The artistry in this weeks spotlight track emphasises how far the UK Music scene has come.

Fred Fredas – Ain’t Fooling Me

You would of first read about Fred Fredas back on Issue 10, but I had to bring him back in this issue as my spotlight track as he just dropped his visuals for Ain’t Fooling Me.

Ain’t Fooling Me, set in a forest, is layered in metaphors, starring some twins who appear to be battling. Fred Fredas said “To summarise this video… when situations happen to us, we are constantly battling within ourselves, it feels as though we are trapped and the question we ask ourselves is…Will we allow the demon within us to prevail, or the love within us to prevail?”

‘Ain’t Fooling Me’ is the 2nd track on the P.A.U’ (Politics As Usual) E.P, from 22 year old. Fred Fredas has said that he wrote ‘Ain’t Fooling Me’ from a female’s perspective of being emotionally and mentally broken by a male. Let’s face it with the rise of the side chick, these issues are more relevant then ever.

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I look forward to seeing what Fred Fredas has in store for us next as this young artist is way beyond his years, reminding me of a UK Kendrick Lamar.

So don’t be late, stay up to date with all things @FredFredas (twitter)

Lets Go:

Is it just me or have Birthdays become more and more predictable as time goes on?

Well not this Birthday, Jasmine Kahlia from the UK collective Road Gals LDN, are bringing us a unique double fun experience that will get you inspired for your own celebrations.

If you have attended a Road Gals LDN event before you will know they always bring serious vibes wherever they go! At this brand new event OFFLINE that will launch on Jasmine’s Birthday – 27th of September this is a live music event with a twist, featuring a fire line-up of emerging artists, OFFLINE offers you exclusive access to live performances of fresh tunes, with artists selecting tracks that they have never shared online. So its an exclusive listening party and event all in one!

Don’t miss the launch, you can grab your tickets  and I’ll see you down at the Rosemary Branch Theatre.






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