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[@Abiolaxox] #GUAPLookouts: 3 male creatives you must get to know!

[@Abiolaxox] #GUAPLookouts: 3 male creatives you must get to know!

We know we’re not the only ones who can sit on Instagram for hours, just preeing different people going as far down as possible hoping you’ll not press that like button by accident.

During my preeing time, I discovered 3 male creatives that kill every outfit and are game changers in the industry. They all have a mixture of street, sophisticated, and a clean style. Most of them are stylists that use their Instagram as a portfolio.

Here are some of our favourite looks from them and a little info about them all!

Enjoy as always x

JORDAN DENZEL [@Jordan_Denzel]

Jordan Denzel, a London based fashion creative that has worked with companies such as Desen-Proje, Adidas, Puma and other famous celebrities. Always out having fun and is honestly living his best life!

LATEEF SAKA [@LateefSaka]

Lateef Saka is an MSc graduate that has a very keen interest in fashion, styling and art. He has quite a sophisticated outlook and all of his outfits are clean and suave!

He definitely can rock pink!

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Joel [@Utter_Joel]

The Founder and MD of Utter Couture, Joel and his brand are going to higher levels. He too has a clean, classic, sophisticated style!




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