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Why [@die__yung] is one of the hottest emerging fashion photographers

Why [@die__yung] is one of the hottest emerging fashion photographers

Approved by stylist Farren Fucci, who’s styled Rihanna and worked with Bella Hadid on her iconic 2017  Paper Magazine cover. Die Yung is a Dallas Texas based photographer who isn’t afraid to express her unique style in her photographs.

Analogue photography has made a comeback in recent years. It has had creatives more interested in exploring colour and using film to replicate nostalgic aesthetics.  Die Yung’s filters and edits are unique as she creates a vibrant futuristic look in her images.

In 2017 she released a photography project titled Club Kid Dallas.  Alongside the first image, she writes ‘Gotta leave your galaxy to be a star.’ On Instagram, she commented on the inspiration behind the piece.

Heavenly inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s infinity series. I found her patterns therapeutic bc there was structure within the chaos. There something about repetition that calms me so much also it was 20$ lolz s/0 to my girl gang for putting this together.

MUA: Sandra Saenz

Stylist: Nicole Johnson

A more recent work is her 2018 project, Romeo y Juliet. In this project, she projects her modern interpretation of the classic play.


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