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[@808_london] Drops new Prison collection

[@808_london] Drops new Prison collection

808 London is the clothing brand that’s leading a rebellion. Their mindset is ‘ obtaining peace from society.’ This means all of their work is about breaking societal constructs.

Founded by 20-year-old dancer, Lydia Jenner, 808 projects the voices of young people today. The idea of disruption sounds problematic, however, we really should re-evaluate what peace means in our society. The brand emphasises how society is ‘fake.’ The reality is we are influenced by the media, politicians and popular culture. Despite living in a liberated city, our thoughts remain influenced by factors out of our control. This ‘fakeness’ about society is what makes it a prison.

The idea behind the collection is exactly this. That society is a prison and the 808 campaign shows young people resisting this. The capsule includes black shirts featuring the 808 logo, slogan and a cross. Other pieces include orange, yellow and black utility vests with ‘disrupt the peace’ written across the back.

You can shop the full collection now at

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