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Premiere: [@DubzySnazz] Unlocks ‘WYTM (What You Telling Me’ Visuals

Premiere: [@DubzySnazz] Unlocks ‘WYTM (What You Telling Me’ Visuals

Dubzy clearly holds his own amongst his current peers in music. Rising as a part of the “School of Grime” the act quickly retained street-credibility and following. Having Boy Better Know co-signs and co-performances under his belt, Dubzy now stands tall with his project Snazz beginning to gain a buzz.

Capitalising on his current momentum, the rapper premieres his latest visual “WYTM (What You Telling Me)” with GUAP Magazine, which pays homage to visuals from grimes past, while still possessing an effortless flair and humour that is impossible to ignore.

Watch the “WYTM (What You Telling Me)” exclusively above.

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