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Jheyda McGarrell is the New York Photographer To Watch! [@jheydamc]

Jheyda McGarrell is the New York Photographer To Watch! [@jheydamc]

Jheyda McGarrell

From an NYU Student To The Most Sought Out Photographer, Jheyda McGarrell is Taking The Industry By Storm.

California-born Photographer Jheyda McGarrell is taking the industry by storm. As well as championing the black, Mexican and queer experience through her own photography and film. She is also the curator of Art Hoe Collective, who create a space where artists of colour can have a platform to show their work. 

Jheyda McGarrell

McGarrell moved to New York to study photography at NYU and has now had her work published in publications like Dazed Magazine. As well as working with companies like Google, Nike, and NBC Universal. McGarrell uses her work as a way to tell the stories of marginalised communities. She strongly believes in the strength of being a creator and a story-teller.  Issa Rae’s new movie The Photograph’s plot centres around Christina’s photography. A beautiful collection that was captured by Jheyda McGarrell to capture the Christina’s childhood.

Jheyda McGarrell

The young artist told Dazed Magazine that “To live with such a contested experience, just by the nature of being born black, Mexican, and queer, has created my desire to really evaluate my movement through the world… For the longest time, we were silenced, now is the time to normalise our existence and build a generational cultural wealth using our art.”

 It is clear that Jheyda McGarrell has just begun her journey and we look forward to seeing how much she will achieve. 

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