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#HomeCouture: The Trend Recreating The Craziest Couture Looks Quarantine Style

#HomeCouture: The Trend Recreating The Craziest Couture Looks Quarantine Style

If you have been on Instagram you will have seen the chaos that has been spreading the platform, boredom has reached new levels, well boredom and a combination of creativity, TikTok, triller and internet trends. The challenges are endless and the great thing is everyone who has a phone can join in and even create their own challenge, anyone and anything can go viral.  We had the don’t rush challenge where girls and guys teamed up to create a series of transformations, transitioning shots using a makeup brush. Girls and guys went from bummy house wear to glammed-up makeup, hair and clothing. Just from that challenge alone, we’ve seen people get super creative and thousands of people around the world have joined in. We then had the pillow challenge, taking it up several notches, we now have the HomeCouture challenge. 

Fashion fans won’t stop to get their fashion fixes and seeing as couture fashion week will be cancelled people have taken to their wardrobes, scraps and random house objects to recreate the craziest and coolest haute couture looks quarantine style. The hashtag started from central saint martins graduate  George Serventi encouraging others to get creative and recreate their favourite couture runway looks, people took to the challenge and we are loving it.  Here are a few of our favourites from Instagram.

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Подиум недели моды в Париже…дома? 🏡Легко! Не дизайнер, и не модель, но хочется ощущения грандиозного показа? Устроим!✨ ⠀ Возможность прочувствовать шик, роскошь, а иногда – и нелепость «от кутюр»,👯‍♀️дает новый флешмоб #HomeCouture .Это шанс воспроизвести хоть в спальне самый запомнившийся подиумный образ👒👜 ⠀ Я выбрала милейшую даму, приодетую в платье (или халат) из постельных принадлежностей🛌И красиво, и забавно, как по мне🎉 ⠀ А Вам нравится? Чей образ хотели бы повторить? ❤️В «карусели» – разные примеры переосмысления дизайнерских находок🛍За основу брались следующие коллекции: ⠀ 🎀Viktor&Rolf Couture Fall 2018 🎀Maison Margiela Couture Fall 2017 🎀Comme des Garçons Fall 2017 🎀Moly Goddart Fall 2019 🎀Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2009 🎀Balenciaga Spring 2020 ⠀ P.S. А если этот пост наберет 3000 лайков расскажу, зачем дизайнеры делают дурацкие, неносибельные вещи🙃

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