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Internet Culture: YouTubers To Watch This Week! [@MuradMerali], [@ForHarriet] & More

Internet Culture: YouTubers To Watch This Week! [@MuradMerali], [@ForHarriet] & More


The YouTubers Who Are Getting Me Through Covid:19 Lockdown.

The first time I watched commentary YouTube was when I discovered Murad Merali’s channel full of daily and consistent content. I quickly fell in love with his fair and honest opinion on the latest shows and hot topics that had twitter or the tabloids talking. He quickly became a trusted commenter on the times and since then I’ve been glad to find more informative and entertaining content creators to fill this lockdown period. Take a deep dive into the world of Youtube commentary and check out these creator’s videos!

Murad Merali

For Harriet

Jordan Theresa

As Told By Kenya

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