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Internet Culture: Podcasts to Listen To This Week. [@slayinyourlane], [@ComeCurious] & More

Internet Culture: Podcasts to Listen To This Week. [@slayinyourlane], [@ComeCurious] & More


Walking Solo? Listen To These Podcasts To Keep You Company.

It’s the second month of self-isolation in the UK, meaning a lot of us are probably experiencing some intense cabin fever. So even if you are a natural home body and introvert…admit it, you miss the company. This week, as the sun comes out and shows its face for a few hours a day, many Londoners are taking the opportunity to soak up its rays and spend a few hours of their day on long walks. So to cure some of that summertime self-isolation sadness, stick your earphones in and get listening to these podcasts that will make you feel like you’re having a chin-wag with any one of your closest gal pals. Here are my top picks this week!

1. The Receipt’s Podcast

2. Slay In Your Lane

3. Growing Up With Gal-Dem

4. The CEO Table by Chrissie Milan

5. F**cks Given by Come Curious

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