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#GUAPLookouts: [@zawedde_ ] Breakthrough clothing brands of 2017

As we set new goals and aim for the year ahead, here are some quick highlights of some of the clothing brands that made their mark in 2017;



If you haven’t already heard of COLD the clothing brand, here is what you need to know. The brand takes pride in representing the grey area of subcultures within London with collections symbolising the uniqueness and challenges of what makes Londoners. With garments including tees, sweatshirts and hoodies, the streetwear vibe and simple vision behind the brand definitely shows a brand to look out for. Keep a lookout for this brand this year as 2018 is due to be a ‘cold’ year for them.


JEHU-CAL was established in 2016 by @emay4k. Fast forward to the end of 2017, the brand has made its mark being featured in Complex magazine and building a brand that connects heavy with its consumers (memes, slang and jokes on the JEHU-CAL website). The recent release of Jehu-Cal sees statement tracksuits and joggers with an affordable price tag. Give JEHU-CAL that follow and support the cause.


You may already know that 2017 saw MIA LDN make big moves from the previous article collaborating with Boderick Hunter. Find out more from the brand here and don’t forget to give them support as 2018 is due to be a big one for them.


You may recognise Cade On The Map from the beautiful Jorja Smith looking bad and simple with one of the brand hoodies. The streetwear brand is known for creating bold coloured statement streetwear items such as hats, hoodies and tees. Give Cade On The Map a follow on Instagram, you never know which celeb will be spotted in their latest garms!

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Mojo Kojo’s continued success as an African streetwear clothing brand saw a second collaboration with retail giant Urban Outfitters. It is most definitely guaranteed that the brand will have a successful 2018. Keep a lookout for any new releases.


If you know any clothing brands that you feel made their breakthrough in 2017, tag us on Instagram for a shoutout on our fashion account @GUAPLOOKS.