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How to get your hands on a free (maybe) Louis Vuitton T

With the historic appointment of Virgil Abloh as Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, things at the world-renowned luxury brand were bound to be shaken up.

Whether it be to the displeasure of old LV heads, or to the joy of the younger generation, we all know that there is going to be some unexpected twists and turns for the brand.

The Tee

One of the first ‘stunts’ being held by Virgil, involves free clothing, and DJ decks. Both things you wouldn’t link to LV, right? Virgil uploaded a series of photographs to his Instagram showcasing a black tee, with yellow screen printing on both breasts. On the right breast is a map, with a grid overlay. The location of London is marked with a yellow gem, stuck in position. On the left is a mixture of script text and serif text. The wording:




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The back has the same 3 elements, just enlarged and with a small LV logo in the corner. To go along with this post, Virgil added the caption:

????? ??????? “luxury sound design” record club c/o @_benjib & i. this is the tee that comes with every night. it won’t ever change. only difference is whereever on the map the club night takes place the crystal moves. t-shirt given to all who attend at the end of every night.”

The Event

This is all the information we have been provided with, so the finer details are slightly cryptic at the moment. But as time goes on I’m sure more and more information about these events will be released. There is currently nothing to be found about the event in London, whether it is a ticketed event with free or paid tickets. Guest list only or an event that will be announced and be first come first serve. Getting your hands on a free Louis Vuitton tee is an opportunity that doesn’t come along every day. Admittedly, the blanks will probably be Gildan or FOTL, but it is the event that counts. And if you are wanting to get your hands on one of these without actually attending the event, then there is no doubt you will have to part with a pretty penny to get hold of one.

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