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@Luxereloaded takes reselling to another level

As a fashion writer, it is my job to tell you what is going on and the new things coming up. So I was on my daily Instagram lookout and I discover Luxe Reloaded.

Luxe Reloaded is the home of pre-owned luxury goods which are resold to designer lovers and anybody who loves to have unique designer attire. Luxe was founded by Mariam Duke a fashion stylist who is known for her unique style, short hair and bold personality. She’s best known for styling Mr Eazi for the Love Struck video featuring Wstrn.

The main aim of the company is to be, the number one reseller and buyer of luxury goods. Every product sold by the website are checked by their specialist team which guarantees 100% authenticity.

The website just open, so definitely check it out, it may have something you’re looking for!


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