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[@iambinaofficial] Shines In Brand New EP, Humble Abode

Upcoming alternative R&B star BINA. captivates in this saucy and chic EP.

South London’s own BINA.’s brings real soulful vibes in this brand new release. Her classic sound is wonderfully supported by the mellow and dark production on the tracks, which provides a real alternate style to contemporary R&B/Neo-soul.

Through the 14 short minutes the tape lasts, she flows and caresses each beat, ebbing back and forth between different genres with her dulcet tones and cadences. Despite the murky production of the tape, it has songs for each occasion and season; the aptly named Summer Breeze (feat KISH!) will have you bouncing in your chair, whilst the sensual Buttrfly is maybe better suited for late night settings.

It’s always a great reflection of someone’s talent when you finish listening to a tape, and you wheel it back straight away. Sometimes it may be because it’s too short, sometimes it may be because it is that good; Humble Abode is both. If she was able to pack in so much into 5 songs and 1 interlude, imagine her over a 12 track album? One can only hope for now.

BINA. is certainly a star in the making.

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You can keep up with BINA.’s future releases on Twitter at @iambinaofficial.

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