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Interview with [@MillieGolightly], the British singer taking Atlanta by storm

I had the opportunity to speak with the singer, Millie Go Lightly, who shone through on two tracks from Young Thug’s latest solo mixtape, Beautiful Thugger Girls.

She is a 23 year old singer from London, so how did she end up working with one of the biggest stars of hip hop right now? Read below and find out:

So how long have you been making music?

Millie: I’ve been singing since I was 7 or 8.

How long is your creative process of making a song?

Millie: Probably around 20 minutes. I couldn’t do it with any beat; I have to be really feeling the beat first. I’ll play it super loud in the studio to get a proper feel to it. I like to go back, run the song back, do a couple takes of the verses and the hooks.

When I went on your Soundcloud, I noticed you hadn’t released any singles. How come?

Millie: I released a song in 2015 and I did a video for it too, but I didn’t end up putting it out; the song itself got very good feedback. All the other music I was making, I was keeping to myself, because I wanted to wait til the right time.  I always knew what sector of music I wanted to work within (I always wanted to sing over trap beats), but it was especially difficult, being that I am from the UK.

Because of this desire to sing over trap beats, what genre do you say your music fits within?

Millie: A mixture of different elements; there’s bits of R&B, hip hop, pop etc. Sound-wise, my music is similar to like Banks or the Weeknd, who make ‘dark r&B’. But if I had to describe my music in one word, I would call it ‘vibe’.

Fast forward 2 years from 2015 now; you’re working with Young Thug on his album. How did that collab come about?

Millie: A producer from the US, who I met in London, would send beat packs to me, and this was the first time I had written to beat; before, I would write to guitar/piano. He then recommended Young Thug’s music to me, as he thought I would love his music because of the similarities of the melodies in Thug’s music and my music.

Later, I started making lists of producers I would love to work with. I would email my demos to producers all day, and eventually, a producer called Tony Fadd, who  had worked with Fetty Wap, sent me a beat pack. I wrote a song called ‘Feel Again’ to the beat, and was sending it to everyone I could. I ended up sending it to London on Tha Track’s management team, and they replied to the email, saying they loved it, and how they would love to stay in contact with me.

Then, I had a family holiday booked for Orlando on 15th December, whilst Young Thug was scheduled to perform in Florida the day after, so on the 16th December. I got invited to the show by London’s team; there, I met Young Thug and 21 Savage. I ended up recording more tracks and sending them to Thug’s team, and I ended up being sent beats by a big producer called Wheezy. I made a song called Medicine to one of the beats, which turned out to have the same beat to Family Don’t Matter. So Thug asked if he could put me on his song, and I jumped at it. He also asked me to be on She Wanna Party, which was really great too.

The night before Wireless Festival 2017, where Thug performed, I got a call asking if I could come perform with him on the main stage. I had never been so nervous in my life, bearing in mind this was the first crowd I had ever performed in front of (if pubs don’t count!).  After performing at Wireless, I ended up touring the rest of Europe with him.

With the music you’ve done in the US music scene, would you say you prefer the UK or US music scene?

Millie: While I think my heart lies within the US music scene, I do love so many British artists. There’s UK artists who I consider my peers and good friends i.e AJ Tracey, Danny Seth etc.

I think I found it harder to break into the UK scene than into the US scene, though.

Why do you think more and more UK artists are delving into US music, and vice versa?

Millie: The world is becoming a lot smaller. Social media is connecting the world in a way it hasn’t previously. People always used to think that US is so far and so different to the UK, but it’s really not. I honestly don’t even know why it took so long, but it is amazing for both sides.

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Any new music on the way?

Millie: I’m still working on my project, and I will be dropping some music in January. I honestly hope Thug and I continue to make music, because he has impacted my career in the best way; I’ve got so much love and respect for him.

What are the major differences of living in Atlanta and in London?

Millie: The food! Waffle House, wow. The swag too; people are always so glamorous over there, compared to here, where I could walk around in Sainsburys in my PJs!

What is the best piece of advice you have got so far?

Millie: Don’t get lost in the sauce. It’s easier for me because I don’t party much, so it’s easier for me to stay focused. Also, don’t believe the hype.

As she said, Millie is releasing new music in January, which you will be able to catch here.


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