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[@Kwollem]’s Back To Get ‘DA MELLOW’ with [@asvpxrocky] and [@Skepta]

KwolleM is back from his hiatus, with another new smooth and effortless “mellow grime” track ‘Da Mellow’ ft A$AP Rocky & Skepta.

If you don’t know about “mellow grime” the likes of Rayf and KwolleM are at the forefront of this refreshing movement. The core is a fuse of grime acapellas with laid back R&B and soul productions. Kind of like injecting the ambience of a sunny island beach into the blocks of Newham, where the young producer resides.

Over the years the movement has grown to resounding drill tracks as well, like K Trap’sPaper Plans,” where KwolleM gave us his re-imagined version of gospel-drill. KwolleM goes further than making mashups plastered over a laid-back instrumental. He completely restructures each mellow grime track he touches and unifies two different worlds.

With ‘Da Mellow’,  KwolleM’s production takes you on a musical roller coaster, where you are strapped into ‘Praise the Lord (Da Shine)’. The track kicks off with A$AP Rocky’s bars caressing a sweet sax, in the first verse. Skepta’s punchy DMX inspired flow is met with 90’s R&B vocals, giving the tune a sophisticated groove. This results in a perfect combination of authoritative bars with soulful, jazzy tones that fuse together perfectly. KwolleM proves once again that he is the master of effortlessly flipping a track and orchestrating a completely different mood.

Da Mellow’ is a great of preview what’s to come with KwolleM in 2019 but with “mellow grime” you never know what new sound the next track may bring.

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