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[@NanaRogues] recruits [@Not3sofficial] & [@Wizkidayo] for debut single, ‘To The Max’

Superstar songwriter/producer Nana Rogues is back with another hit, but this time, he’s on the track!

After a video which showed Wizkid and Nana Rogues in the studio together circulated back in May, it left fans salivating at the prospect of what those two could whip up together. Well, it’s safe to say they’ve got a real special one here, and with Not3s featuring too!

Most people would have heard of Nana Rogues through his production work with Section Boyz, Drake, Tinie Tempah (to name a few), but in this brand new smash hit, he shows us that he can really do it all.

Backed by the international hitmaker that is Wizkid, and London’s golden prodigy Not3s, this sweet ballad is incredibly easy on the ear; the smooth and melodic cadences of the two perfectly compliment each other, whilst Nana provides the integral final ingredient. The trio’s sound bounces from each other, and displays great chemistry.

The barrier that had previously existed between production and artists has been chipping away hugely in recent years, and we now see artists crossing the divide (and vice versa) quite regularly, which makes for a new and refreshing sound. Nana Rogues is the latest out of this ‘new class’, with him flexing both his production skills and vocal abilities on this track, it goes to show the immense talent he possesses, and leaves us eagerly waiting for more music from him.

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As far as debut singles go, this track featured a huge amount of star power; almost to the point where the song couldn’t not be good. Luckily, it passed the test, and made for some great listening. The song was the personification of a win-win situation; fans wanted more Nana Rogues music, and Not3s Wizkid had been a collab that a lot of people have been praying for a long time, so all smiles for everyone.


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