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[@OctavianEssie] is back for ‘Revenge’, and announces ‘Spaceman’ mixtape

Octavian seems to make hits for fun these days, and he’s got another one here, ‘Revenge’, where he also announced a brand new mixtape set to be released next week.

A year to the day he shook up the UK scene with Party Here, Octavian continues his hot streak of smash hits with this ice cold banger.

After the announcement of his upcoming mixtape, Spaceman (due to be dropped on September 10th), the expectation and excitement has gone through the roof, and he has provided us with a little taster here, with Revenge. 

His original and versatile sound has breathed fresh air into our scene, which has led to his reputation as one of the UK’s most promising acts. Why, you ask? When you hear this track, then you’ll get it. His flow is effortlessly and harmonious, providing us with more and more punchlines and quotables to take away for everyday usage, with a unique finesse and sauce.

One thing that has distinguished Octavian from his peers has been the quality of his videos, and he hit the benchmark again here. Directed by longtime Esssie Gang collaborators Kill Farrell and Armin Druz (who have made all of Octavian’s previous videos), ‘Revenge’ was shot in New York and London, the fruits of his growing international status are showcased in the great imagery.

After such a successful 2018 already, with him walking the runway for Louis Vuitton back in June, even the sky is too low of a limit for Octavian. Spaceman is sure to elevate his star status even higher, and with a UK wide tour on the horizon in September/October, everything is looking up for one of our finest artists.

Spaceman will be available on all streaming platforms on September 10th. And guess what? It’s all brand new music! None of his previous singles will be featured on the tape, so get ready for some more Octavian greatness.

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